Where to raft in California during a drought

California Rafting during a drought – 5 days of summer fun!

River Rafting in California this summer is going to be a bit hard to find, however, there are 2 great rivers that we will be rafting on all summer long.  These two rivers will offer the best white water rafting in California this summer.They are the South Fork of the American river and the Middle Fork of the American river, 2 totally different rivers that are located just an hour east of Sacramento and 3 hours from the San Francisco Bay area.

Even with the drought hanging on here in California, there are many hydro-dams and lakes that have water storage high in the mountains, and that water has to be run through the hydro-plants and brought down to the cities.  This is where we get river rafting the South Fork of the American riverour water to raft these great rivers with.  We will have some days that are “no water days” that we will not be getting water released into the river.  For example, the South Fork of the American river trips will be able to raft Thursdays through Mondays, and not able to raft Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  So, this gives us 5 days a week to raft, and with great water flows, NOT low water, but an average flow that we would have with a normal snow and rain season.

Trips on these two rivers

The South Fork American and Middle Fork American give white water rafting enthusiasts many options to choose from for an adventure this year.  Offering half day, day, and ALL Day trips, as well as 2 and 3 day trips on both the South and Middle Forks of the American river.

For folks with families (with kids as young as 7 for the class 3, and 4 for our Young Rafters Trip), the South Fork is a great rafting experience.  Offering stretches that have super exciting rapids, and yet, calmer sections to soak in the natural beauty of the canyons, the South Fork is the perfect river for first timers or experienced rafters.  A two day rafting and camping trip is a great way on the banks of the river, 2 days of excitement rafting the 21 miles of the South Fork, and 5 awesome meals. This is exactly what you will get on the South Fork American river 2 day adventure.  If you are not into camping on the ground, there are options for you.  Deluxe Cabin Tents, which have 4 cots and thick pads to sleep on, all on a wood deck overlooking the river.  There is even an option of a  “Honeymoon Tent” that has a queen sized bed, night stand and table, also on a wood platform overlooking the river.

rafting the Middle Fork of the American river For those wanting more thrilling excitement

Our Middle Fork of the American river trips have some of the only class 4 rafting in California this summer.  We have both one and two day trips on this super Fun River.  Our most popular rafting trip is our South/Middle 2 Day combo, where you  can experience rafting 2 different rivers in two days, and enjoy camping and meals at our private camp right on the river.

Whatever rafting trip you are looking for this summer, you can still not only  find it here in California, but you can actually get out and get on it this  summer, there is lots of water to raft with!

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