Bachelor Bachelorette Party Ideas

Is there a better excuse to get your friends together than to celebrate an engagement? People spend a lot of time thinking about some bachelor bachelorette party ideas. Why not think outside the Box and try a white water rafting trip on the American river. If you’re in charge of the details, plan a send off to marriage that everyone will remember. There’s a lot to love about the idea of a white water rafting bachelor party. Keep reading for some tips on a few different bachelor bachelorette party ideas on a river adventure.

Planning a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Around White Water Rafting

Bachelor and bachelorette parties don’t happen every day, so you have to plan them carefully. Think about everyone in the group and their interests, passions, and skills. White water rafting near Sacramento is a novel idea that people will remember, and there are options that suit everyone’s abilities. The trip keeps everyone active, engaged, and social, and it leaves plenty of room for eating, drinking, and celebrating. Camping alongside the river is an added benefit!

bachelor bachelorette party on their raft

A Memorable Adventure

If you haven’t been to a casino resort for a bachelor or bachelorette party, chances are you know someone who has. The Hangover movies surely inspired wild parties around the world, but wild parties are not everyone’s idea of a good time. Break the mold and use some of the tips here for bachelor bachelorette party ideas and plan the outing around something less obvious and more fulfilling, like white water rafting—Vegas will still be there later.

Flexible Rafting Options

Whether the bachelor bachelorette party you’re planning is set to last for one night or the whole weekend, you can find white water rafting options that fit your itinerary. If rafting is just one bullet on the agenda, you can set up a two-hour or half-day trip. On the other hand, you can block out as long as three days if you’re looking at an extended weekend for your white water rafting bachelor party.
There are different skill levels in white water rafting, and your group might not be full of experts. Beginner classes are suitable for everyone and tend to be the best place for an inexperienced group to start. If all the bridesmaids or groomsmen in the party are already experienced rafters, then feel free to go for more intense runs.

Physical Activity

At higher classes, American river rafting gets strenuous. Rafting along the river is an excellent way to stay physically engaged and even challenge yourself. Consider white water rafting near the Bay Area if everyone in your bachelor or bachelorette party enjoys exercise and the outdoors.
In many cases, not everyone in the group knows each other well. Rafting in the same boat forces people to work together, which then helps them to get to know each other better. This makes it a choice ice-breaker for parties that could be closer.

An Engaging but Relaxing Environment

You’ll do plenty of socializing with the other rafters on board, but you can also look forward to hanging out with them in a more relaxing setting. When you’re done rafting for the day, you’ll set up camp along the river. There’s no alcohol allowed before or during the trip, so this would be the time to pop open the champagne and celebrate the bachelor or bachelorette.
Even if you’re not usually the outdoorsy type, you might still find camping by the river plenty comfortable. Real bathrooms with hot running water make it much easier for non-campers to make themselves at home. If you’re doing a joint bachelor bachelorette party, the happy couple might take the Honeymoon Tent that comes furnished with a queen bed. If anyone in the group has reservations about camping, remind them that they’ll have access to all the amenities they need. A good source of information is the Insider’s Guide to the American river.

Delicious Food

The Whitewater Excitement experience wouldn’t be complete without delicious buffet-style dining. You can quickly work up an appetite on the river, especially if you raft at a high skill level. During the camping portion, you’ll enjoy a state-of-the-art kitchen as well as a shaved ice cart, so there’s no reason to stay hungry.
Here are just a few examples of what you may enjoy come dinnertime:

  • Smoked tri-tip
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Baked asparagus
  • Hot buttered bread
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

You even get to eat your meal with real silverware at a dining table! If you are a vegan or a vegetarian or you have other dietary restrictions, you’ll find plenty of accomodating options. There are also hors d’oeuvres before the main meal and all sorts of coffee.

Beautiful Scenery

If you’ve been planning a wedding, your mind is already primed to pay attention to aesthetics. The bachelor or bachelorette party should be just as pretty! To many people, nature is as beautiful as it gets. When you go white water rafting, you could not be more immersed in the beauty. No matter the skill level or the area of the river, the environment will be a sight to behold.

What to Bring to a White Water Rafting Bachelor Party

It’s just about impossible to not have fun while on a white water rafting trip with your best friends. Just like with any other adventure, however, it pays to come prepared. Here are a few things you should bring to a white water rafting bachelorette party ( you can also check out the Insider’s Guide to the American River, it is full of great information about the river, area, what to bring (and not)):

  • Attire: Whitewater Excitement provides wetsuits, but bring comfortable footwear that will hold up in the water.
  • UV Protection: Protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays with sunscreen and a hat.
  • Snacks: Pack light, simple snacks like mixed nuts, beef jerky, or cheese and crackers.

You don’t need to bring much along for the ride, but packing the right stuff makes for a more comfortable trip. You might also want to bring along a camera as well as any party favors you’ll need once you’re off the river.
A bachelor or bachelorette party should be catered to the person getting married, not copied from the movies. White water rafting is a fun and memorable experience to have with friends and loved ones. Whitewater Excitement lets you and your group celebrate the joyous occasion surrounded by gorgeous sights, top-notch food, and the company of close friends. Using some of these bachelor bachelorette party ideas will ensure that your party is both different and memorable than the normal.

If you have any questions about some custom options, please feel free to drop me a message at [email protected]. It would be my pleasure to help in any way I can. Good Luck with your planning.

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