Whitewater Excitement Meals

Come for the Rafting, Stay for the Food

At Whitewater Excitement, we spare no expense which is especially true when it comes to our meals! There is nothing better than a delicious spread before, during, and after and exciting day of whitewater rafting. We Serve only the best food meticulously prepared by our chefs, who love not only the preparation, but take pride in the presentation as well


Our breakfast meals are the perfect way to get energy for the day of rafting ahead of you. For any one of our meals, you can expect fruit, bagels, veggie and meat filled egg scrambles, potatoes, pancakes or french toast, and sausage. All breakfasts come with coffee, tea, and some orange juice.


Our lunches are fresh deli sandwich spreads with plenty of options for any types of diets. One can expect fresh bread, lots of greens and veggies, cheeses, meats, fresh fruit, cookies and chips, and lemonade.


Theres nothing quite like having dinner cooked for you after a great day of rafting. Smoked Tri Tip, marble potatoes, aspragus/brussel sprouts/broccoli, ravioli, fresh warm bread, and a nice green salad is what you can expect when eating this meal with us. Top that off with a beer, cup of wine, soda, and a dessert and you will be heading back to your camp full and ready to watch the sunset.

All of our meals are prepared and cook in a modern, professional outdoor kitchen with your safety and health concerns in mind

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