Do I need experience to go river rafting?

On the American river, there are three different forks to choose from: the South Fork of the American river, the Middle Fork of the American river, and the North Fork of the American river. Each of these rivers have different levels of rapids that require different levels of experience, and we will discuss each of them

Choose Your Adventure

Class 3

The South Fork of the American  is an ideal rafting trip for beginners and experienced rafters alike. Spanning 21 miles, it offers various trip options. For beginners, a half-day or one day trip trip is recommended, depending on preference and physical fitness. Our South Fork Full Day trip is an options for 21 miles of fun. All options are family-friendly, with children as young as 7 able to tackle the class 3 rapids. Some companies offer special trips for younger children under 6, typically a half-day excursion on the gentler Young Rafters section.

Class 4

The Middle Fork of the American river boasts some of the best summertime class 3 and 4 rapids in California.  The experience level of this river is a bit higher than the South Fork, due to the numerous class 4 rapids.  However, beginners are welcome to give the Middle Fork of the American a try as long as they are in very good physical condition, on the adventurous side, and are good swimmers. Swimming ability is a requirement on the Middle Fork in additional to all other Class 4 rivers. The age limit for this trip is 12 years old  A great trip with awesome rapids and  canyon beauty.  One and two day trips are available on the Middle Fork.

In the spring of a normal snow fall year, the North Fork of the American river is one of the most challenging rivers in the State.  If you are interested in rafting the North Fork, you should have previous rafting experience along with very good swimming ability, very high adventure level, and over the age of 14.  Beginners are taken on this river, but need to be aware of the above and ready for a big challenge (a fun and rewarding one at that).

It’s up to you

Overall, when deciding which is the best trip for you and your group, you should make sure each and every one that will be participating in the trip qualify with the above levels of experience. Either way, we have a great whitewater rafting trip for you.

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