2023 Season Update (July 3, 2023)

Flows on the South Fork are still great! They have dropped down enough that we are now taking all ages 7 and above on the South Fork.

The Middle Fork American is also now at runnable flows, and we have been enjoying the first few trips of the season! Now is the time to come check out some classic California Class 4 rapids.

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To our Friends and Family,

Now that Summer is here, the rivers are settling down a bit but are still 2-3 times normal. This means that we still have an age limit of 12, but things are changing “rapidly”(haha) and we expect to be able to lower that to our normal 7 year old age limit in a few weeks.

This spring and early summer will look a bit different with the amount of snow and water we have, while the second half of the summer will have the same great flows as any other year. Below we have outlined what this season will look like, and how best to enjoy it!


The rivers will be running fast, waves will be big, and the water will be refreshing! We provide wetsuits and paddle jackets to rafters on all our spring trips free of charge.

South Fork American River

The South Fork has been flowing 2-3 times the normal summer flows and we project it to be running like this until “towards” the latter part of June. So what does this mean? At these flows the river gets faster and most rapids get bigger. While this is great for those who are looking for a different experience than the normal South Fork flows or those looking to have one of the best days of rafting ever, it is not for everyone. Our age limit increases from 7 to 12-14(depending on flows) and we recommend families with kids to look towards the latter part of June through August to raft.

Middle Fork American River

The Middle Fork is a much more dynamic river and we can only raft it at certain flows. With our experience of rafting in years with large snowpacks, we anticipate flows being too high to raft on the Middle Fork until the middle-end of June. We understand that this can change due to a wide range of reasons and we will do the best we can to inform you of the flows as spring progresses. If you want Class 4 rapids in May and June, we recommend checking out high water on the South Fork or our Class 4 North Fork!

North Fork American River

This is the year to raft the North Fork! This Class 4-4+ river flows just outside of Auburn, CA and is usually hard to raft given its free flowing state (no dams). However, this year, we predict it flowing until the end of June. Set it a beautiful and steep canyon, the rapids are unlike any of our other rivers and we really want to raft the North Fork, so come join us! Minimum age is 14 and swimming ability is required.

*Combine this river with the South Fork to create one of the best 2 day trips of the season!

Merced River

This high volume river just 45 minutes outside of Yosemite National Park is best rafted in the month of May. Endless big water Class 4 wave trains await you! Age limit is 14 for this river.

No matter what river or trip you choose, we strive to show you the best rafting adventure we can! If you have any questions on the information above, or about rafting adventure please give us a call at 1-800-750-2386 or email us at [email protected]

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