Can I bring beer or alcohol on the raft or river?

No Alcohol

Beer or Alcohol – as discussed in an earlier post, beer or any kind of alcohol is not allowed by any professional river rafting outfitter.  If they say you can bring it on the river with you, do not go with them.  No, I am sorry to say that beer and alcohol and river rafting trips do not mix.  All companies do not allow any alcohol on river rafting trips, it is just not safe for you or the other guests on the trip. Enough said.

headshot of flash I hope that this helps, as always if you have questions about this  information, or have other  questions about river trips, please feel free to E-Mail me, I am always  here to help no matter  what or where your river adventure is to taking you.

Hope to see you on the river this year,

Flash  (over 30 years of river rafting experience around the world and back)

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