Do I need a fishing license to fish at camp?

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Fishing Rules

The great fishing here is one of the river’s better-kept secrets on both the South Fork of the American and North Fork of the American river. The primary game fish are the rainbow and brown trout. Lucky anglers might catch brown trout up to eight pounds in size, although rainbows between 10 and 12 inches in length are more common. Non-game fish in the river include the Sacramento pike minnow, Sacramento sucker, California roach and riffle sculpin. Landlocked kokanee salmon were introduced in 1998 in Folsom Lake and some make the run as far as the Chili Bar dam.

The California Department of Fish and Game plants catchable rainbow trout every year at the state park in Coloma from the opening of trout season in April into summer.

Anglers 16 years or older must have a fishing license (available in local stores). Basic fishing supplies are available locally at Sutter Center Market, Ponderosa Park, and Coloma Resort.

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