White Water Rafting Season

Many rivers in the California rely on snow melt and dams, including the different forks of the American Rivers. In this article we will talk about the white water rafting seasons on the American River and when to experience them!

Spring Season in California

Spring is the beginning of the white water rafting season on the American Rivers. Trips on the North Fork American river, a free flowing river that relies on snowmelt, will begin in early April. They will keep running until the snowmelt is over, which depending on the snow pack, can be in May or June. Wild Flowers and animals are best seen in the Spring rafting season.

The South Fork American River is also a river in the spring white water rafting season in California that has rafting trips. The Season usually beings early April and will last through September.

White water rafting-Cool off in the Summer Heat

The summer is one of the best white water rafting seasons in California! The weather is hot and the splashes are endless on the American River. There are many different rivers to choose from, our favorites are the Middle Fork and South Fork American. The Middle Fork American is one of the best Class 4 rivers to raft in California. Famous for its Gold rush history and remote wilderness canyon, this is one summer river you do not want to miss out on. Trips on the South and Middle Fork run 6-7 days a week depending on the snowpack.

Fall Colors

The Middle Fork and South Fork flow 7 days a week through Labor Day Weekend. After that weekend, trips on those river will typically be reduced to just weekends, as the Dams hold back water. Fall is a great time to go whitewater rafting because there are less crowds and fall colors are in full effect. The rapids are still exciting, and sometimes you can have the whole river to yourself!

The American River white water rafting season is quite long and there are plenty of opportunities to experience the joy of American river rafting!

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